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MYSOLE the specialist in the field of insoles

Dumco develops and manufactures under the brand name MYSOLE high quality insoles suitable for a large amount of different consumers. The innovative and anatomic design in combination with the use of superior materials makes MYSOLE a unique proposition. All insoles are designed for a number of specific applications and conditions of usage. They provide support and comfort to the foot, and they also have a positive impact on users’ performance and they help prevent foot and body complaints.

MYSOLE – healthy and comfortably

The ability and freedom to move are an important part of our life. Therefore we all want to move in a pleasant way and as comfortable as possible, all the time. This is especially true for people who ask a lot from their feet, and need good shoes with an optimal performance. Unfortunately well chosen shoes do not always give everybody the desired results. Every foot and every activity is different, and that’s exactly where MYSOLE can offer a solution.

MYSOLE – developed by specialists

MYSOLE has been developed in close cooperation with foot experts such as doctors, sport specialists, podiatrists and sport shoe manufactures. The best choice of materials is guaranteed by the knowledge and experience of Fisher Group. Fisher Group works worldwide in the research and development of materials that are used for foot-related application in the commercial and medical sectors.

MYSOLE applications

MYSOLE provides the following benefits:

  • Anatomical support to the foot
  • Positive impact/ prevention of foot and body complaints
  • Increased walking comfort
  • Increased shock absorption
  • Improved performance
  • Absorption of perspiration fluids
  • Better shoe fitting
  • Prolonged shoe lifetime

MYSOLE dealer network

MYSOLE is distributed via a national dealer network. At any location not covered by the network, the objective is now to establish for each category a stock holding distributor (country or district dedicated) MYSOLE has an efficient logistic and administrative infrastructure. Besides that, MYSOLE supports professional distribution with information and materials for both the distributors and their sales forces.

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