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  • Foot injuries
  • Loading or over-loading
  • Incorrect pronation

Your feet are constantly subjected to all kinds of forces. Some movements during sport activity can greatly increase the loading on the foot which may lead to foot injury. The most common of these is over-pronation. Pronation is a complicated movement consisting of rotations around three different axes, which occur in the foot at various stages and positions during walking or running.

The foot has to be able to pronate, but too great a movement can lead to problems.

Insoles can be specially selected to avoid problems which can arise during sports activity (for instance jogging, but also hockey, football or basketball). But it is important that the pronation movement is not entirely eliminated because to function correctly the foot must pronate to some extent.

These insoles work to correct the dynamic of the foot, but they are developed with prevention in mind. You can pick out the right sole for your foot through the insole selection menu. You’ll find that you really need MYSOLE from now on.

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