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MYSOLE respects her website’s visitor’s privacy and protects the privacy of all online customers. We will use your personal information to make sure your orders will be handled swiftly and easily, or to change certain aspects of the website, to make it more to your liking. We will never share your personal information with others without your permission. This document describes how we handle your online privacy and online safety. Should we decide to change our privacy policy, we will put the changes here, in order for you to know which data we collect, how we use it and whether we share it with someone.

An overview of this document:

  • Which information we collect
  • We will not share your information
  • Your information is safe with MYSOLE
  • Cookies
  • Management of your information
  • Contact MYSOLE

We can collect personal information about you when registering for promotional emails, subscribing for our newsletter, creating a shop account, buying products, contacting our customer service, or when using other interactive functions of our website (i.e. customer surveys, product reviews). This information can include your name-, address-, bank- and payment details. Please look up our online Terms and Conditions, for which you will find a link at the bottom of our websites and that apply tot he user-generated content and related functions, as explained there.

When placing an order in the webshop of MYSOLE, we will collect your name, emailaddress, billing information and shipping information, in order to complete and deliver your order.

To make your shopping experience as good as possible, we will collect, with your permission, personal information about your orders and the use of our services. With this information we are able to personalise the website and recommend items in which you may be interested.

When you have created an account at MYSOLE, we will collect your information on a secure server. You will be asked to fill in your name, emailaddress, billing information and shipping information so that you do not need to do this again for future purchases.

The information we collect about the use of our website(s) and the feedback, will help us with developing and improving the website(s).

When you decide to write a review, you are able to choose to do so with your own name or anonymously. We are interested in the opinion of our customers, however we do reserve the right to not publicate the reviews or delete them if not in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

With your permission we will keep you updated of new functions, specials and other promotional activities of MYSOLE. If you do not want this, you can send an email to

When applying for a function at MYSOLE, via the website, email or post, we will ask you to send your personal information, cv and application letter.


We will not share (or sell) the information you provide with third parties, unless we have acquired your permission in advance. We will also give you the possibility to choose not to participate in other applications which we have created with the information you have provided us with.

Pay attention that the use of a function available for you on our websites, like Facebook Connect or a similar function (also connected to Facebook), can lead to the collecting or sharing of your information by us or others. We have no control over the manner in which your information is collected, saved, used or shared by third parties or to whom this information may be exposed. Look up the privacy policy and settings on your social network website to make sure you understand the information they share and that you agree with it.

If you do not want MYSOLE to share information about you through a social-mediasite or –app, you should not visit the social-mediasite or –app. You should not click the “like”-button on a productdetailpage.


The internet is an open system and MYSOLE cannot guarantee that the personal information you send to us will be intercepted by others.

All our employees who have access to or are involved in processing personal information respect the confidentiality of personal information.

Our website can contain links to external websites that are property of other organisations. They will possibly collect personal information of their website’s visitors. MYSOLE cannot guarantee the content or privacy policy of external websites and will not accept responsibilities for those websites.

We reserve our right to release information when we reasonably have the opinion that this release is legally necessary, to maintain our website policy, or to protect the rights, properties and safety of yourself and others.


We can use ‘cookies’ on our website which act as an identification card for your computer. When visites websites of MYSOLE, a unique cokkie will be placed to distinguish your browser from all other browsers that visit our sites. By identifying your browser, we can be of better service.

You have the choice to accept or refuse cookies by changing the settings of your browser. You can choose to accept all cookies, to get a message when a cookie is used or to refuse all cookies. Pay attention that when choosing to refuse all cookies, it is possible that certain parts of these websites are possibly not available to you or may malfunction.


By sending us your personal information, you agree with the use of this information as described in this privacy policy. You have the following rights to change your information: a right to see the information we save from you, a right to correct wrong information, or (in certain circumstances) the right to delete your personal information, a right to ask us to not longer give you information about our services.


If you have any questions, want to give feedback or want to know more about how your personal information is used, or if you want to see your personal information, correct it or delete it, please contact us via

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