Daily High Heels


Suitable for every type of ladies shoe with a heel height of up to 9 cm.

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The insole

This extensively tested MYSOLE High Heels insole is the solution for women with forefoot complaints caused by wearing (high) heeled shoes. The MYSOLE High Heels prevents complaints on the forefoot. The MYSOLE High Heels provides pressure relief, pressure distribution and shock absorption during standing and walking.



·   While wearing (high) heeled shoes;

·   Prevention of well-known forefoot symptoms.



The MYSOLE High Heels is made out of durable (reinforcement)materials. The material will retain its shape for a long time. The insole is covered with Cantara so the foot can easily be placed in the shoe and also provides extra comfort.


Shoe type

Suitable for women’s shoes with a heel height of up to 9cm.

Anatomically shaped
Minimum friction
Shock absorbing