MYSOLE Special

Special Multisorb


The MYSOLE Multisorb is suitable for every type of shoe.

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The insole


The MYSOLE Multisorb is an insole with the capability to absorb multiple vibrations. The unique design provides support to rear- and mid foot, gives optimal shock absorption and relieves pressure. The insole is very comfortable and extremely suitable for those with a frequent standing up  or walking pattern or for those who sport a lot!



·   Need for extra shock absorption and comfort;

·   Sensitive and sore feet;

·   Pigeon-toed;

·   Heavy pressure;

·   Frequent standing or walking.



The basic material of the MYSOLE Multisorb is Poly Urethane (PU). PU characterizes itself by its lasting elasticity. It is soft, but supporting. The insole is covered with longwearing Clima Tex for minimal friction which, in combination with the PU, makes this insole the perfect solution for sore and sensitive feet.


Shoe type

The MYSOLE Multisorb is suitable for every type of shoe.

Anatomically shaped
Minimum friction
Shock absorbing