MYSOLE Special

Special Silisoft Heelcup


The MYSOLE Silisoft Heelcup is suitable for every type of shoe.


Available sizes:
Small (34-36) | Medium (37-40) | Large (41-44) |
X-Large (45-47) | XX-Large (48-50)

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The insole

The MYSOLE Silisoft Heelcup is especially developed as a remedy against Achilles tendon and/or calf muscle related complaints, thanks to the blue insole which relieves the heel.

Furthermore the MYSOLE Silisoft Heelcup stabilizes the rear of the foot to some extent and provides this heel cup extra shock absorption to the feet.



·   Heel related complaints;

·   Achilles tendon/ calf muscle related complaints.



The MYSOLE Silisoft Heelcup is made out of shock absorbing silicon material. The blue spot, also made of silicon material, is even softer.


Shoe type

The MYSOLE Silisoft Heelcup is suitable for every type of shoe



Use the MYSOLE Silisoft Heelcup always on both feet, even when only one foot is in need of an extra insole. Make sure the blue spot is on the inside of the foot!

Anatomically shaped
Shock absorbing