MYSOLE Special

Special Heelpad Velours


The MYSOLE Heelpad Velours is suitable for every type of shoe.

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The insole

The MYSOLE  Heelpad Velours is developed as a remedy for heel complaints. This insole relieves the heel and provides pressure relief to the middle of the foot. Furthermore stabilizes the MYSOLE  Heelpad Velours the rear of the foot to some extent and provides this insole extra shock absorption.



·   In case of heel related complaints



The MYSOLE Heelpad Velours is made out of shock absorbing rubber and is coated with a durable and perspiration fluid absorbing material. The space underneath the heel is filled up with durable latex rubber.


Shoe type

The MYSOLE Heelpad Velours is suitable for every type of shoe



Use the MYSOLE Heelpad Velours always on both feet, even when only one foot is in need of an extra insole. Place the MYSOLE Heelpad Velours on the existing insole, with the long side on the inside.

Anatomically shaped
Shock absorbing