MYSOLE Special

Special Heelspur Wedge


Suitable for every type of shoe.

For a good advice, the right application and fit, we would like to refer you to the MYSOLE dealer near you. Please contact the dealer whether the sole is actually available from stock!

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The insole

The MYSOLE Heelspur wedge is ideally suited for people with heel pain. The hole should be positioned under the heel, just where the heel pain is located. Contact with the surface is avoided and the pain gets eliminated. Thanks to the adhesive tape, the wedge can easily be placed under the insole.


Shoe type

Suitable for every type of shoe.



Always use MYSOLE Heelspur wedge on both sides! Even if the pain is only on one side. On the side without pain the recess is not to be removed (application of MYSOLE Heelspur wedge on just one side creates a leg length discrepancy).